Using the difgen® allows you to improve the way you deliver your water. Because it acts as a very clever valve, pressure and flow can be ramped up or down in a smooth, instantaneously modulating way.

The difgen® operates at high efficiency over a wide range of flows and pressures, making it suitable for a broad range of applications.

These include distribution of raw and treated water, water treatment facilities, process plants and other industrial water applications.

We offer a number of benefits compared with conventional mechanical pressure reduction valves (PRVs). These include the following:

+ Initial equipment cost

Although a difgen® unit costs more than a conventional PRV, its advanced flow and pressure management features offer key financial and performance gains with no compromise on reliability.

+ Installation cost

Installing a difgen® costs about the same as a traditional PRV. It uses standard flange connections and interference with existing infrastructure is minimal.

+ Maintenance cost

A difgen® system costs roughly the same as a traditional PRV to maintain. This work takes about six to 12 hours a year.

+ Return on investment

The ability of the difgen® to generate electricity provides a return on the investment. Use our calculator to work out how much you could earn from installing this technology.

+ Carbon footprint

The difgen® will reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

+ Pressure management

The difgen® system is superior to PRVs for the accuracy and responsiveness of upstream and downstream pressure control, control of flow rate and level, and pumping/boosting capability.

+ Water hammer

A common issue with conventional PRVs, water hammer often occurs when a valve is suddenly closed in a pipeline system and a pressure wave propagates in the pipe.

The helical construction of the difgen® provides a pulsation-free design which controls and reduces the problem of water hammer.

+ Flow and pressure measurement

The difgen® system continuously controls and measures both flow and pressure. This feature is not commonly available with conventional PRVs.

+ Pressure boosting

The difgen® makes it possible to boost pressure when required with the aid of its central control software. This option is not available from conventional PRVs.

+ Energy production

The difgen® is unique in generating pure power from the pressure drop in fluids. This electricity can be used to reduce the net internal power bill or sold to the power grid for profit.

+ Environmental benefits

In addition to the favourable financial benefits, the environmental profile of your system is improved.

  • The difgen® improves overall energy efficiency for water utilities
  • It recovers energy from existing water assets without visual pollution or planning issues
  • The difgen® costs less than most alternative energy sources, offering more predictable, high-quality electricity generation delivered to the existing grid in the right location