A unique high performance hydroelectric power generator combined with pressure or flow control capability.
The difgen® functions as a pressure reducing valve (PRV) for use in water supply networks, whilst providing the added benefit of generating electricity.

It comprises a turbine, generator and control system. A full specification sheet can be found here.

The Problem

Energy wastage from using PRVs.

The Solution



When compared to a standard PRV, the difgen® has a proven track record in modulating pressure and flow to a greater definition, while generating electricity which can be exported to the grid. This improves energy efficiency by harvesting the energy wasted today with conventional PRVs – but without any impact on the primary job of delivering water safely and reliably.
The difgen® represents a cost-effective replacement or alternative for PRVs in all types of systems where pressure control and management are vital, while effectively curbing energy costs. It will fit many applications where a PRV is already installed.
Therefore, we believe the difgen® is the best choice when it comes to helping to meet your key requirements by providing a fully engineered solution to pressure and flow management combined with energy recovery.

Why the difgen® should be your only choice

  • designed for water networks and water quality standards;
  • an attractive payback;
  • improving energy efficiency;
  • mitigating leakage;
  • regulatory compliance.