We supply in-pipe micro-turbines proven in water industry use. These are backed by complete engineering and installation capabilities, provided both in-house and through carefully selected partners, ensuring the smooth integration of the difgen® into your site.Our patented system helps water utilities to overcome their main challenges: curbing energy costs and mitigating leakage in a safe, reliable and cost-efficient manner.

Our micro-turbines also operate as a smart control valve which is able to manage both pressure and flow in water networks. This technology gives our customers a better way of accomplishing what they already do, with the added benefit of electricity production for internal consumption or export to the grid.



Our highly skilled team of engineers can confidently ensure smooth integration of the difgen® to your site by offering various services starting from the initial planning stages of the project right through to completion. These include:

  • Site surveys with survey report and recommendations;
  • Design and installation guidance;
  • Commissioning;
  • Service agreements – provided either directly or through qualified partners in the relevant markets.

This range of capabilities means that we can be flexible and deliver a bespoke solution according to your requirements.