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Test your own scenario with our simple power calculator. Input your pressure, flow rate and electricity pricing, and see what your pressure is worth.

The calculator needs two inputs, but can also calculate the value of your pressure if you enter the price of the electricity generated.


Enter the average flow in litres/second, cubic metres/hour, cubic metres/day, gallons/minute, gallons/hour or gallons/day.

Differential pressure:

Enter the intended differential pressure in bar or psi. This is the difference between your input/upstream pressure and output/downstream pressure. In other words, 12 bar upstream and 4 bar downstream gives a differential pressure of 8 bar.

Electricity pricing:

Enter the price of one kWh. This can have one of three values:

  • displacing electricity bought in;
  • export to grid;
  • add feed-in tariff or renewable obligation certificate.